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What to Do If I’ve Had an Adverse or Serious Reaction to My Medicine?

What to Do If I’ve Had an Adverse or Serious Reaction to My Medicine?

When we go to fill out our prescription at the pharmacy, we do so with the expectation of feeling better or getting over an illness. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned, and there are many instances where medication can cause an adverse reaction and potentially lead to serious complications.

Many people might assume that their body simply doesn’t “work” with their prescribed medication, but the truth is far scarier than that. Many times, adverse or serious reactions to medication are a result of a mistake or an oversight, either on the part of the medical professional who prescribed it, or one that occurred during the development or production of the drug.

These types of reactions can be very serious and cause life-long complications. In many cases, victims are entitled to pursue legal action. To provide some insight and help answer some questions, this post highlights the steps that you should consider taking if/when you have a bad reaction to a drug, and suspect that negligence or a mistake is to blame.

Pursuing a Medical Malpractice Claim

Most of us place a high level of trust in our doctors and other healthcare professionals, which is alarming given how frequent errors and mistakes happen within the industry. If a doctor fails to account for all potential side effects, prescribes the wrong amount or kind of medication, or combines prescriptions that, when mixed, could spell serious trouble, he/she can cause serious harm to a patient. These types of actions make them legally liable, which entitles you to pursue a medical malpractice claim.

Product Defect Claims

In other instances, the company behind the drug is to blame for the adverse reactions to a medication. Pharmaceutical companies are obliged to ensure that all their products are reasonably safe to use, and flawed designs, mistakes on the production floor, or cut corners can lead to unreasonably dangerous products that could seriously hurt consumers. In this instance, victims of faulty or “bad” medicine can opt to pursue a product defect claim.

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