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A Quick Overview of Defective Product Liability Claims


Within the context of personal injury law in California, product liability claims are particularly complex. This is largely because the burden of the proof lies on the plaintiff, meaning that you have to be able to effectively prove negligence on the manufacturer’s part in order to have a case. This is further complicated by the fact that corporations are large entities with extensive resources, which can be intimidating for anyone looking to secure the compensation that is rightfully owed to them.

These cases call for the expertise of a skilled personal injury attorney, someone who can protect your interests during every step of the way. We’ve written this blog post to offer a quick overview of the main types of defective product liability claims we routinely see in our office. Remember, for more specific advice, be sure to reach out to us at the Law Office of Dean Petrulakis.

Defects Related to Manufacturing

Products that are defective or not up to standards due to manufacturing errors or oversights could cause injury to users, which warrants a defective product liability claim. Oftentimes, legal teams will rely on other similar products to prove that this particular item was in fact defective, as well as to tie the user’s injury to the defects of the product.

Design Defects

Similar to manufacturing defects, design defects can be much more far-reaching as the design of a product is usually completed before the production stage begins. Recent prominent examples of these defects include the notorious Galaxy Note phone models that were “exploding,” and recent Nissan recalls for a variety of different car models.

Inadequate Warnings

All products need to be clearly labeled with instructions and warnings, especially when there are inherent risks to the user if the product is used in a certain way. Personal injury attorneys work to prove that the lack of labels or warnings constitute negligent conduct, which paves the way for a product liability claim.

Do you have any questions about defective product liability claims, or any other type of personal injury matter in California? Count on the Law Office of Dean Petrulakis for the legal representation that you need! Call us today to schedule a free initial consultation.