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What to Do When Your Accident Involves an Uber Driver

An Uber driver holding a cellphone

Uber, Lyft, and other ride-sharing apps have soared in popularity lately. While certainly welcome additions, these apps also bring unique questions and concerns with them. For example, what happens when a driver gets into an accident? Who is liable for damages? As many California attorneys have seen, the answer isn’t always so straightforward and going after the ride-sharing companies can often prove to be fruitless. Under these companies, drivers are independent contracts and not employees.

The answer to these questions largely lies in the details. For example, if a passenger gets injured during a ride and the driver was logged into the app at the time of the accident, the ride-share company could be found liable.  In the case of an accident during a ride, a passenger should always take detailed picture, take screenshots of the ride-share receipt, and write down the contact details of any potential witnesses.

However, if the driver was off-duty, or if the victim of the accident was not a passenger, this greatly complicates things as ride-share companies cannot be sued within these circumstances. While this is not ideal, there are always legal options you can pursue, and your best bet is always to speak with an attorney before doing anything else.

Seek Out A Qualified Personal Injury Attorney

Dealing with any type of car accident is always a difficult endeavor, especially when serious physical, emotional, and financial ramifications are at play. This quickly gets much more complicated and muddled when rideshare drivers are involved.

Do not proceed without legal counsel on your side. A skilled Modesto personal injury attorney can help evaluate your case and help you fight for what is rightfully owed. To learn more, be sure to reach out to us at the Law Offices of Dean Petrakis at your earliest convenience. We are here to help!