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What Is Toxic Tort Litigation?

Toxic tort litigation

In many workplaces, employees are routinely exposed to hazardous substances or chemicals. While employers are mandated to ensure employee safety at all times, constant exposure to dangers such as chemical and environmental agents can and often do lead to long-term health problems and sometimes death.

This is what toxic tort litigation primarily deals with, where victims can and often sue employers in order to try and compensate for all the physical, emotional, and financial pain caused by the exposure to workplace hazards. For this post, we are offering a quick overview of toxic tort. Those who are looking for more in-depth advice are more than welcome to reach out to the legal experts at the Law Office of Dean Petrulakis.

Proving Causation is Essential in Toxic Tort Cases

When it comes to toxic tort, most companies or other plaintiffs won’t simply fold and acknowledge fault. Large entities have access to extensive legal resources, and many will quickly move to minimize or altogether avoid all liability. Thus, toxic tort cases in California can quickly become complicated.

The key aspect of any personal injury case is being able to prove or demonstrate causation. In other words, if you or your attorney can connect your ailments or injuries, or unnecessary exposure to hazards, to negligent actions on behalf of the company, you are more likely to end up with a favorable resolution. Needless to say, the assistance of a skilled legal professional is a must when moving forward with any toxic tort case in CA.

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