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Property Protection During Wildfire Season


With the recent series of wildfires in southern California, it may seem like there is no relief in sight. Wildfires have become such a regular occurrence in recent years due to wind and overly dry conditions, and residents are probably left wondering if there is any way to better safeguard their homes and loved ones. 

Today, we want to talk about preventative measures that California residents (as well as anyone residing in higher-risk areas) can take to better protect their homes during this risky season. Here are some tips to help lower your risk.

Grass Height 

Keep grass cut to no higher than four inches and keep weeds around the perimeter of your property under control as much as possible. Try not to let grass clippings and debris collect in piles, as this can also be a potential fire hazard. 


Make sure to keep gutters free of leaves and other everyday debris that tends to collect after wind and storms. When this type of organic material dries and collects, there’s a higher risk that it can catch fire under the right conditions. 

Fire Proofing Your Home

According to California law, if your home is within a State Responsibility Area, your home has to be built in accordance with California fire codes. This includes fire safe roofing, windows and other building materials that are fire-resistant. Brush and other organic plant materials must also be cleared from your property so as not to collect and create another possible hazard. 

Customized Alerts

Cal Fire has an app for California residents that provides fire safety checklists, tips and customized alerts based on your location in relation to active fires. You can set the app to send push notifications when there is a fire spotted within 30 miles of your property. 

Though fires continue to be an ongoing issue year after year in CA, there are several measures that you can take to better protect you and your family and ensure that you are as safe as possible. 

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