How Do I Know If My Doctor Caused My Injury?

Sustaining injury from a medical professional with whom you have entrusted your care can be a very frightening and unsettling experience. If you believe your doctor may have caused you injury or harm, you should waste no time in hiring legal representation. A medical malpractice attorney from the Law Offices of Dean Petrulakis will be able to look deeply into the facts in your case and advise you about whether you have a valid claim.

How To Prove Negligence For Medical Malpractice

To prove negligence from a doctor or medical professional, conclusive evidence will need to be gathered to establish the following facts:

  • A doctor-patient relationship existed: An individual who sustains injury after following medical advice obtained from an online doctor or health website will not have legal grounds to pursue damages. You must have hired a doctor to provide you with medical care, advice or treatment and that doctor must have agreed to be hired, before a doctor-patient relationship can be shown to exist.
  • The doctor was irresponsible, careless or negligent in his or her treatment: Expert witnesses and medical professionals are often brought in for these types of cases to prove doctor error or incompetence. If we can prove the doctor failed to maintain the standard level of care that a responsible doctor would provide under the exact same circumstances, then you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries.
  • The doctor's actions were directly responsible for causing your injury: It is not uncommon in these types of cases for the doctor to argue that the injury or illness you sustained was not his or her fault. A medical expert can also be used in this scenario to provide evidence to show that had the doctor not acted or failed to act, then your injury would have never been caused.

Work With Our Firm To File A Lawsuit

Our firm has handled countless personal injury cases over the past 10 years and we are committed to each person we serve. We are aggressive advocates for those who have been injured due to medical negligence, and we know the extensive documentation and evidence that will be necessary to be successful in a medical malpractice claim.

Our track record of success clearly indicates that we do not back down when facing high-powered corporate defense lawyers – we are not intimidated. When you retain our services, you can trust that your case is in good hands. Our lawyers are dedicated to doing everything possible to give our clients an increased chance of success at recovering maximum damages for their case.

Doctors have a responsibility to provide their patients with the accepted standard of medical care and attention. Any doctor who failed to uphold the standards of the medical profession, and causes injury to another person as a result, must be held liable. Contact a Modesto personal injury attorney at our law offices now to find out how to proceed.