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Tips to Avoid Common Accidents During the Summer

Injured knee

Now that summer is finally at our doorstep, everyone is getting ready for their favorite summertime activities. This means social gatherings, bike rides, trips to the beach/pool, longer time spent outdoors, and more. While all these things make for an exciting summer, they also expose us to additional hazards and potential accidents.

Today, we’re covering tips to keep in mind in order to help keep you and your loved ones safe from common summertime accidents. Remember, if you want to learn more about this or any other matter relating to personal injury law in CA, don’t hesitate to call us at (209) 528-0404.

Bike Accidents

Bikes are a great way to get some exercise but they can also be dangerous, especially around busy traffic. Be mindful of where you’re biking and always wear all required safety gear, including a helmet. The importance of a helmet cannot be understated, especially when it comes to bikes.

Pool Accidents

Pools are a fun way to stay refreshed, but things can quickly go wrong and younger children are especially at risk for drowning. To ensure their safety, always keep them in arms reach of adults and be mindful of the depth of the pool at all times. To avoid falls and other injuries, always practice caution when walking around the perimeter of the pool since the floor tends to be slippery.

Dog Bites

The inviting summer weather means that more people will take their dogs out for walks and other activities. Dog owners should always remain attentive to their dog and look out for signs of stress or frustration, especially because heat can further agitate dogs. Everyone else should remain aware of their surroundings and respect the boundaries/personal bubble of dogs they might come across. Don’t act in a way that is threatening or reach out suddenly to pet a dog, and above all practice caution.

Contacting a Personal Injury Attorney After an Accident

We at the Law Offices of Dean Petrulakis hope that these tips help you avoid potential accidents as you bask in the California summer sun. To speak with us directly, and to schedule a free initial consultation, be sure to call us at your earliest convenience.