Motorcycle accident

Riding on a motorcycle is a favorite pastime for countless California residents and visitors from all over the nation. While motorcycles provide untold amounts of fun and freedom, they can also expose motorcyclists to many dangerous hazards. Motorcycles are significantly more dangerous than cars, which is why study after study has sought to identify the risk factors and find ways to minimize accidents. 

For this post, we’re giving a look at the findings behind these studies. The biggest study, known as the HURT study, was conducted in the 1980’s and more recent studies have only further reinforced the findings posed in this original study.   

Risk Factors by Frequency of Accident

To put the findings of these studies in layman’s terms, the highest risk factors for motorcyclists boil down to the following:

  • Other drivers: Roughly three out of four motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle.
  • Failure to yield: Over 60 percent of motorcycle accidents are due to motorists not yielding to motorcyclists when they should have done so.
  • Intersections: Most motorcycle accidents occur in or around intersections, making them especially hazardous for bikers.
  • Quick, nearby trips: Motorcycle accidents typically occur during a quick, local trip such as going to the store or running an errand rather than during long road trips.

Were you Involved in an Accident Involving a Motorcycle in CA?

As these studies have suggested, it seems clear that the actions of other individuals pose the highest risk to motorcyclists. In many cases, another person’s inattentiveness or recklessness could lead to serious injury, long-term disability, or even death for a motorcyclist. 

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