Today, we’re mixing things up a bit. We want to highlight why many people don’t consult with a personal injury attorney, especially when it comes to settlements and other deals that are settled out of court. Many of us understand that not having an attorney in any legal affair is a risky move, yet a lot of people still opt to skip for even a quick consultation when it comes to personal injury settlements.

In our experience, here are some of the top reasons that people give when asked why they don’t want to shop around for personal injury attorneys.

Reason #1: I Don’t Need an Attorney

It’s true that you can get through a personal injury claim without the assistance of an attorney. However, this is a serious misstep for most people. The insurance company and the company/responsible party are not on your side. They will leverage every legal benefit they can uncover to minimize their liability, which means that you are only hurting your chances of winning a case when you walk in without qualified legal representation.

Simply put, this places you at a serious disadvantage because you are squaring off against specialized professionals who deal with these types of issues on a daily basis.

Reason #2: I Don’t Trust Attorneys

Many people feel that attorneys are just trying to cash in on the settlement, and people who don’t know or with attorneys in any capacity are more likely to be distrusting of all lawyers. However, there are countless ethical attorneys who work hard to protect their client’s interests. As long as you do your research and fully vet your attorney by asking the right questions, this shouldn’t be a major concern.

While all attorneys will charge different fees, the truth is that an attorney helps ensure that you get the largest possible payout. In many cases, an attorney pays for him/herself long before the case is over by advocating fiercely on your behalf.

Reason #3: The Insurance Company Says I’m Better Off Without an Attorney

Remember, the number one priority for an insurance company is always to minimize how much money you can get. They are more than happy to offer you a check to close out the entire affair if it works out to their benefit, which ultimately means that you’re getting the short end of the stick.

Never take what they say at face value, and always run any offers or communications with your own legal counsel, someone who’s only mission is to protect your interests.

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